How to Manage Stress And Avoid Depression in Three ways.

#1. Physical exercise.

#2. Physical exercise

#3. Start Doing Physical Exercise.

I am no scientist who will write all about the hormones involved, which side of the brain is engaged and what amount of oxygen to breathe in whenever you start doing any physical activity. What I know for sure is, I started doing physical exercise in the tail end of 2017 AD, from then on, Any challenge (you can call it problem or stress) I encounter no longer affects me adversely.

Physical activity has a magical way of doing wonders. I exercise a minimum of three days a week and a maximum of five. I do a lot of body weight exercises, I run twice a week (with one being an endurance run) and when the gym is near I step in there.

There’s days I have the vitality to do it and there’s days apathy Knocks my door… well it’s normal. The days of apathy are the ones we should learn most from and they define us.

If there’s anyone out there stressed by the overwhelming situations they encounter, or anything having stress in its description, physical exercise is the ultimate answer. Beginning is half done. Ooo Sorry, there could be other modes of stress management just like there many ways of killing a rat, including setting the whole house on fire.


Dangers of emojis. A Post Mark Zuckerberg will pay all his earnings for it to be deleted.

WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat have killed the humans in us. This is illustrated by a story told by Brazil’s Iconic writer Paulo Coelho.

I used to avoid giving talks each time I would be approached by people. One man in particular never ceased asking me to. He kept on sending letters to my office in Catalonia, Barcelona to be exact, inviting me to give a lecture in the Hague, in Holland. For several years, and my office replied that my diary was full. He one time found out that I was gonna record a programme on a Dutch television channel. When I went downstairs to start filming, he was waiting for me in the hotel lobby. He introduced himself and asked if he could go with me saying he won’t take a no for an answer. I gave him impossible conditions for booking me and he looked at me hard, and concluded that ‘meetings, that was the mistake I made with you. Instead of just sending emails, I should have shown you that I’m made of flesh and blood. Once, when I failed to get a reply from a particular politician, I went and knocked on his door and he said to me: “if you want something, you need to look the other person in the eye.” Ever since then, that’s what I’ve done and I’ve had nothing but positive results.

Needless to say I accepted his proposal

People hardly meet nowadays, they mostly whatsApp, tweet, snapchat…etc.

You can have at your disposal all emojis, all social media platforms, all the strong WiFi networks (be it 4G or 5G), MTN, airtel, Halocel, Glo, satellites and telescopes, but nothing, absolutely nothing can replace looking someone in the eye. Believe me you, if you see someone in the eye, your words won’t be blue ticked, or seen( or viewed). Meet. Talk. Learn. Grow. And bring back the humans in us. Stop Tweeting, Start Meeting.

The first step out of my Comfort zone.

Pictures of travellers always thrilled me and still do. Every time I log on to Instagram, I see scenic mountain views, the wonders of the world, the white beaches of Zanzibar, the mountain gorillas of Rwanda, the green and exquisite Amazon forests, the Masai Mara and beautiful landscapes of East Africa, the dancing Masai, with captions reading along the line of “travelling, an antidote to ignorance” . I envision myself sandwiched between those travelers, I imagine myself standing on the summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro, at the highest point of Africa. I see myself pausing for photos in front the Eifel tower, I picture myself celebrating the new year at the Times square, sometimes I imagine me smiling all alone after returning from the Taj Mahal, going to a francophone country or a country where the language spoken is the one found in reggae tone music. Places where I can learn a different culture. Every time I eat food, I imagine it to be food made by hands of another ethnicity, the name I know not.

Early this year, I challenged myself and travelled with a friend to a place where one of the language I speak is spoken (according to the media/society). I made a stop in Dar-es-salaam to take a rest so I can leave for Zanzibar the next morning. That’s when lessons started started flowing endlessly from the behaviour of people, to their beliefs, to the language spoken which was different from society’s supposed language, ex ce tra…

Reaching Zanzibar, everything was record high: the temperature, the prices of food, the number of people who came to propose at the white sandbanks, perhaps even the number of high people was record high, maybe even high blood pressure was high.

I for one don’t like reading books that many people read because it makes you think like everyone else. But this book of being in Zanzibar is a different book I was glad reading irrespective of the high number of people who read it.

However, I was disappointed for the fact that there’s a lot of fake stuff in that exquisite island. Elderly women who take advantage of the vulnerability of the young Masai boys (who I was told were equally not Masai) is one of them., I was equally disappointed by the fact that the place started showing itself to me as days of my vacation were running out. I came to know that many restaurants have two different menus. The fake one you’ll be given when you reach there (which contains other foods) and the REAL ZANZIBARI one which contains the food eaten by people of Zanzibar from ugali, karamali to so very many others.

Challenge yourself and go out of your comfort zone. Travel alone, travel with a friend, travel as a family, travel with your mind, travel when you have money, travel when you are broke, travel as you come to know travelling is an antidote to ignorance.

Friendship, stupid!

There moments when I sit to ponder and reflect about why some relationships exist. By the time we sign up to be friends, why would we hide other parts of ours? Why can’t we have benign relationships? Relationships where we laugh together, have holidays together, travel together, support each other during our friends’ low moments, encourage them when they give life up. Tell them that not all parts of the road are smooth, some have bad spots and its the bad roads that make the best drivers. Live together and continue to build a coherent friendship that stands the test of time.

African Union in all due respect doesn’t seem to have a direction which the founders in 1963 envisioned. What I see being the sole purpose of the Union through Africa’s Presidents ( though I prefer calling them Africa’s heads of state because presidents are elected) is endorsing dictators after “winning elections.” If African Union can’t exorcise its demons, this friendship will go to the dogs.

Why is it expensive to travel from one African country to another African country? Why cant the success of regional blocks be reflected in the mother union? Why can’t the peace in the south be reflected in the horn? Why can’t one currency substitute the unstable Ghana cedi, the depreciating shilling, the somehow good rand, the franc? If nothing is done to this friendship, it will go to the dogs.

The cyclone hit the south so bad that people lost lives, property and their future is blurred. Why are friends from the south, west, north and east paying no heed? If the status quo of this friendship stays without any change, it will go to the dogs!